Typical Dutch Art and Export Boosters team up!

Today we officially started our co-operation with artist Peet Quintus. Peet paints unique Dutch works on authentic windmill sails, after these have served their time on famous and less known traditional Dutch windmills, how cool is that!

Peet wants to see her art go international and I am pleased to help her achieve that. Multiple Dutch companies and organisations have already bought her work as gift to special foreign trade partners and on every occasion this is highly appreciated. Understandable, as every single piece is unique and upon request, Peet even creates work to your specific (company-) requirements.

Do you also want such a unique piece and are you interested in what we can do for you? Call or mail me anytime, you will not regret it! +31-61173 1100 / frank@exportboosters.com

For more inspiration, please visit www.typicaldutchart.nl/gallery

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