6 reasons why especially small companies could export

Your business is performing well and you are busy serving your national customers correctly and timely…in fact, you are just a bit too busy, as some things remain unfinished, but it is going well and not a day goes by that you have to consider what to do today.

For further growth, you have occasionally thought of selling your services or products abroad, but because of the everyday hectic life, it has not yet come to that. Maybe you also have the idea that your business is simply too small for this. Don’t be wrong! We give you a few arguments why you, as a small company, should definitely consider starting your export business:

The big boys also started small

Cliché, but so true… from local to national and the real growth really started to kick in after they made the step to international;

Sales growth

Export business can seriously contribute to increasing your sales volume and to growing your sales revenue;

Widen customer base & better spread of risk

As you get more customers, you widen your company’s base of existence and with that you better spread your risks. You are less dependent on your home market, as you are generating your sales in a larger region (and spreading your risk over this larger region);

Flexibility to adapt to different cultures

In the export business, you get in touch with different people and systems, forcing you to look at your own way of working. Foreign countries have foreign cultures and as a small organisation, you are often more flexible to adapt to those new market habits and customs than large organisations are…use that advantage!

Internal growth & innovation

The internal development of your company will accelerate, because of your employees’ experiences with new foreign markets. As a result of increased competition, your company is likely to speed up innovation and to develop new products and services. This powerful position, will also strengthen your home market sales.

Temporary export department

Your organisation isn’t that large that you can simply free someone for setting up your export organisation. Perhaps you lack the required know-how, international contacts and above all sales force. Because of differences in culture and legislation, not every country is suited as potential export market. However, you will be amazed about the possibilities that you do have and perhaps even closer than you think. With Export Boosters, we already helped multiple SMEs exploring their potential on foreign markets and realising their first successes abroad. Not only are we successful in realising your success, we also love the fun of doing this together with you. You will experience this from our very first contact! We like to be your temporary export department, offering you the right knowledge, international contacts and sales force. No need to immediately set up a complete export department and increase your overhead costs. Together with you, we define your export possibilities and we go the extra mile to realise your first foreign success within the agreed period of time.

Do you want to keep managing your existing business, but also give your export dream a serious chance to succeed? Let’s skype or schedule an appointment. The Export Boosters gladly help you to cross that border.

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